Table Saw Dado Blade. What Is It?

What Is A Dado Blade

A table saw is quite unique and ends up being useful for making those long rip cuts however there are specialty blades, like DADO BLADES that can add another world to your table saw at this point they are incredibly weird…

what is a dado blade

They do fill a specific need and there are a couple of different things that you have to think about them to totally understand what they do and how they work.


Cut Piece Of Wood Using A Dado Blade


There are two different kinds of dado blades out there and they work differently, you have to check whether your table saw can even use a dado blade and a couple of other ESSENTIAL pieces of info that are canvassed in this article will assist you with understanding dado blades much better. How about we dive in!


What Is A Dado Blade On A Table Saw?


A dado blade is used on table saws to cut a wider section in material (usually wood) wider than a traditional saw blade would. Sometimes there are multiple blades assembled together (stacked dado set) or the blade can have a wobble to it (designed to move that way) which delivers a wider cut and makes a wider cut than a single blade would.


What Do Dado Blades Look Like?


Like I stated earlier, there are two main types of dado blades and they will look a little bit different depending on which type you are looking at.


A stacked dado blade set will appear as however a series of cutters stacked together that form a much wider blade when assembled. A wobble dado blade will look fundamentally the same as a standard table saw blade set is designed to sway a little bit from left to right (consequently the wobble) in the solicitation to create a wider pattern.


Stacked Dado Blade Set: A stacked dado blade set is a kit that accompanies many different parts to it and you stack them together to create the width of the wrinkle you want to cut.


The majority of these “stacked dado sets” will have two external cutters which took after a typical table saw blade and on the inside, they will use “cutters” instead which look something like the picture on the right illustrates.


A Picture Of A Stacked Dado Set


Dado Blade SetFreud SD508 Super Dado


As a rule, stacked dado sets will have a portion of these cutters to investigate and if you happen to use them all it will give you the maximum with possible for that particular dado blade set. To make a narrower cut, you would only wind up using maybe one or two of the cutters in the middle to get the desired width you want.


There is a specific way to set up and stack the blades with the goal that you get the cleanest possible which is not hard to do. All you really need to remember is that you want the inner blades (the cutters) two be offset from the external blades and if you are using more than one cutter, they should also be offset from each other.


Here’s a quick video explaining how to set up a stacked dado blade set and shows a really genuine example of the group the diskette using the dado blade…



A Wobble Blade: These use a single blade to cut a depression in your material and they don’t actually wobble however have an offset rotation to them that creates the same result that a stacked dado blade set would.

Wobble Blade

These are not as acceptable as a stacked dado blade set however our little bit cheaper (from what I’ve found) yet can do the activity entirely well. Take a gander at the picture underneath and notice how the left side of the blade is resting on the surface and the right side of the blade is off of the surface quite a bit and this is how the blade design will actually make those wider cuts.


These “wobble blades” can be adjusted (in many cases) by either a screw that is located towards the focal point of the blade or by turning the plates located towards the middle as well. These types of blades also have a propensity to balance the top edge of the dado cut (slightly) and if you watched the blade spinning you would absolutely notice the pattern.


Here is another exceptionally short video that I found on YouTube that shows how these wobble blades span, how they cut and how they are adjusted. It merits the 2 min. to watch the video to show signs of improvement understanding of how the wobble blade works and what to anticipate.

How Do Dado Blades Work?


I went into a little bit of detail on how the two different styles of dado blades work (above) in the are a little bit different yet basically they cut the same way that any other ordinary salt would, using a carbide-tipped blade (in many cases).


A stacked dado blade set uses the two external blades, which look like standard table-saw blades, in grouping with the middle blades (cutter blades) that have the same kind of cutter on them getting oral blades would yet have far fewer teeth to them.


Wobble blades spin with an incredibly slight “S” kind of pattern to them in a solicitation to make the wide data cut possible using only one single blade. I would recommend watching the video I posted above on wobble blades because it will explain (in significantly greater detail) how the blade spins.


A Dado Blade’s Range Is Important Too!


Since dado blades (both stacked and wobble styles) are adjustable, you can have a little control over the width of the cut itself. Depending on your table saw and the kind of dado blade set you are using, you can adjust the width of the cut by adjusting the blade itself (wobble blade) or increase or decrease the number of cutters you are using (stacked sort).


Dado Blade's Range


Will Any Dado Blade Work For My Table Saw?


It is important to take note of that not all table saws have the capacity for a dado blade, so it is something you will want to take a gander at before you actually purchase one if that is the place you’re at in the buying technique and if you already claim one then you have to verify whether it is then possible to use a dado blade with it.


If your table saw is equipped to use a dado blade, you will need to see (from the manufacturer) what size dado blade will fit onto your particular model. Usually, a manufacturer will list the data capacity of a table saw and this will be the maximum width of a stacked dado blade set that the tool can accept.


Another thing you will need to check is how large your arbor size on your table saw is because not all table saws are universal and different dado blades will have different arbor requirements. In general, however, most portable kinds of tablesaw’s will use a 5/8 inch arbor and a great deal of the dado blade sets out there well actually accommodate a 5/8 inch arbor as well.


Where Can I Find Them?


Dado Blade sets can be discovered practically anywhere online and some container stores may even have them in stock. I would propose buying them online now because from what I’ve noticed they have a much larger selection and there are even specialty dado sets that you can investigate that may work better for which you are planning on doing with it.


I have discovered many different dado sets at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s and a couple of other online retailers so availability wasn’t really an issue and you can practically find them essentially anywhere you go online.


Don’t Forget The Throat Plate…


It is important that you replace the throat plate on your table saw to accommodate the dado blade as well. As a general standard, you will have to purchase a throat plate that is specifically designed for your table saw model and will have to get it separately.


I have also watched individuals make their own one of a kind out of wood or some other kind of material like plastic or even metal sometimes and if you do this you sure you realize what you’re doing and provide enough clearance for the dado blade tip clearance of throat plate, otherwise it may hit the throat plate and might damage the blade or cause an injury or something like that.

Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Zero Clearance Dado Insert      clearance for the dado blade

A Few Things To Remember About Dado Blades:


There is a ton of information out there on dado blades so I wanted to include a short section that illustrates a portion of the basics associated with dado blades…

  • Most dado blade sets will have 8″ blades and are used for a 10″ table saw and is usually because a dado cut is not supposed to cut through the material totally, it is supposed to make a score instead.
  • Stacked dado sets are the “standard” nowadays and are usually favored over wobble blades.
  • Cutter blades (stacked dado sets) can vary in shape and can be star-shaped or have a full shape to them.
  • Full-bodied cutters will, in general, produce less vibration than different types of cutters.
  • The typical cost for a stacked dado set is between $50 – $100 (in general) and can go up starting there for more specialty sets.
  • Not all table saw will accept a dado blade.
  • A special throat plate ought to be used with a dado blade and is usually an additional item you have to purchase separately.

5 Best Dado Blade Sets of January 2020 – 6-inch & 8-inch Dado Blade Set Reviews

Dado adjustable slot saws are a set of saw blades, slot segments and remote washers that are installed on the shaft of a table or stationary saw.


Product Name




Freud SD508 Super Dado 1. Freud SD508 Super Stacked Dado Blade


8 in


DeWalt DW7670 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Blade Set 2. DeWalt DW7670 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Blade Set


8 in


Dado Blade Set 3. Oshlun SDS-0842 42-Tooth Stack Dado Blade Set


8 in


Mibro Group 416381 14-piece Stacking Dado Blade Set 4. Mibro Group 416381 14-piece Stacking Dado Blade Set


8 in


Irwin Tools 1811865 Marples Stack Dado Blade

5. Irwin Tools 1811865 Marples Stack Dado Blade

Stack 8 in


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