Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw Review


Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw Review


The Bosch GCM12SD is one of the most effective power tools Bosch has to offer. Not only is it among the most effective Bosch tools, it’s one of the highest possible rated 12 ″ gliding twin bevel substance miter saws on the marketplace. If you’re in demand of a powerful, flexible, and surprisingly small miter saw, this saw is worth a look. Along with a review. There isn’t much that this saw doesn’t offer, therefore much that it does.
Bosch CMD12SD 12 ″ Miter Saw Specifications

Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw– Motor: 120V, 15 amps
– No Load Speed: 3800 RPM
– Blade Size: 12 ″.
– Bevel Capacity: 48 degrees left as well as right.
– Bevel Stops: 0, 33.9, 45 degrees left and also right.
– Miter Capacity: 52 levels left, 60 degrees right.
– Miter Stops: 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 levels left and right, 60 levels right.
– Cross Cut Capacity: 4 ″ x 14 ″.
– Vertical Cut Capacity: 6-1/2 ″.
– Weight: 65 extra pounds.

I still obtain delighted regarding tools, that doesn’t, yet this was a little various. I have possessed plenty of miter saws, however never ever a 12 ″ substance gliding miter saw. I have actually used plenty of them on different jobs. I have actually utilized the Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Craftsman and also extra. They are all extremely wonderful saws, but I constantly wanted the Dewalt 12 ″. Well not any longer. The Bosch Glide Saw blows it away. Actually it blows away all the miter saws on the market today, by far. You will pay more for this saw, yet worth every cent.

ALRIGHT so what is the Glide Saw. If you have a look at the picture below, you can see this saw does not have any traditional rails that the saw goes back and forth on. Instead it has 2 arms, one upright and also one straight arm that enable this saw to slide efficiently. You maybe stating who cares. Well there are a couple of advantages to this system. First you conserve regarding 12 ″ of workbench space. Considering that you do not have the imprison the back of the saw, you don’t need as much area to use this saw. You also obtain constant precision cutting over the life of the tool. So you know each cut will be just as exact as the last cut. You additionally obtain one hell of a smooth move. Let’s obtain a little into this saw.
Bosch left absolutely nothing back on this saw, well maybe one point which we will certainly get into soon. They included a 3Hp, 15 amp motor to puncture just about anything. Oh yeah, I all most neglected this is a 12 ″ saw as well as can spin at 3,800 rpm’s. The capacity of the saw is as follows:

– 14 ″ horizontal ability.
– 6.5 ″ vertical versus the fence.
– Bevel Angel 48 degree to the left as well as right.
– Miter Angle Range– 60 degree to right and 52 level left.

A cool function regarding this saw is the ahead of time bevel control. No more reaching behind the saw to make the modifications. Bosch has the bevel controls, which are all steel, on the front of the saw. You have the bar and also array selector for quick and easy access. The table of the saw can be clamped down or devoured to your job bench. One more significant function is the fence. You can adjust the fence by using one unlock switch on either side. The fencing is a true fence that has a square lock feature to ensure it is always at 90 degrees. You can also adjust the table size so you can have a max of 40 ″.

On the front there are flexible miter detents at 0, 15, 31.6, 22.5, 45 and also 60 degree right, so you have all your major stops ready to go. There is a switch if you wish to bypass any one of these settings. You likewise have bevel detents at 0, 33.9 and also 45 levels.
I recognize I maintain stating one more point to keep in mind, yet the list does take place. The deal with is a D-shape take care of developed for a lefty or righty which is very trendy. I am a lefty, yet with time I have discovered to use my devices with my right-hand man since many are made for right handers. Just like various other saws, there is likewise a depth change for trench cutting.

Everything that can be adjusted remains in red as well as extremely easy to see. The handles are not affordable as well as are very accurate. The saw locks into area for a cut saw or in the down placement for carrying. Currently if your use to utilizing a saw with rails, this might seem a little various. You might not such as just how very easy it is to cut and the glide could appear to smooth. If that holds true, Bosch executed a stress modification on the arm to make it a little stiffer to make a cut. So you really can personalize the feel of this saw.
The saw weights 65 pounds. so it is rather heavy if you intend on relocate around a whole lot.

OK the disadvantage to this saw. I need to state this does irritate me a little. Bosch develop such an unbelievable saw. Whatever is ideal regarding this saw besides some reason they went inexpensive as well as didn’t include a laser. It’s not a significant deal, but we still have to ask why leave that off. I understand you really do not require a laser, yet a laser can save time. I recognize it only takes a 2nd or two to drop the blade down by the cut to make certain everything align, however over a year of doing that how much time do you eliminate? Once more I understand we are being a little picky, yet it’s like having a high-end car without a GPS. Sure you can still get from point A to B, but it simply might take a little bit much longer. It is the benefit factor.

Getting To Know Your Miter Saw ( downloaded here)

Bosch GCM12SD manualGetting To Know Your Miter Saw

1. Switch lock-Off Release Buttons – One of
these two buttons must be pressed before the
power switch can be pressed.
2. power Switch – The power switch used with the
“Lock-OFF” button energizes the unit.
3. Main Handle – This handle contains the power
switch. Pulling this handle down lowers the blade
into the workpiece.
4. lower Blade Guard/lower Guard lip – The
lower blade guard helps protect your hands from
the spinning blade. It retracts as the blade is
lowered. Lip can be used to raise the lower guard
in the event that the guard becomes jammed on
a workpiece.
5. Blade – Use only 12″ (308 mm) diameter blades
with 1″ (25.4 mm) diameter arbor holes.
6. Chip Deflector – Deflects cut-off workpieces
from entering the upper guard.
7. Upper Guard – Covers upper portion of the
8. Sliding fence – Supports the workpiece. The
fence has a cast-in scale to make repetitive cuts
easy. The fence also has holes to secure an
auxiliary fence if desired.
9. Stationary fence – Stationary fence is bolted
to the base and will support the workpiece when
the sliding fence is removed.
10. Kerf Inserts – Kerf inserts can be adjusted to
different blade widths to minimize workpiece
11. Miter Detent Override – Allows detent action to
be locked out, allowing for micro-adjustments to
any miter angle.
12. Miter lock Knob – The miter lock knob locks the
miter saw table at any desired miter angle.
13. Miter Detent lever – The lever releases the
table from the detent.
14. Bevel lock lever – The front-positioned bevel
lock lever locks the head assembly at the desired
bevel angle.
15. Miter Scale/Miter pointer – The pointer rotates
with the table and blade. It points to the miter
scale to indicate the angle setting before a cut is
16. Miter Detent plate – The position of the plate
can be adjusted to set the accuracy of its detent
17. Miter Detents – There are ten (10) miter detent
slots for fast and accurate miter cuts of common
miter angles.
18. Table – Sits in base, provides workpiece
support, rotates for desired miter cuts and
rotates the head assembly. The front extended
part of the table is called the miter arm.
19. Base – Provides working surface to support
20. Tool Mounting pads – The four corners of the
saw provide areas to clamp, bolt or nail the saw
to a flat work surface.
21. Base Extension Clamping levers – Lock the
base extensions at the desired positions.
22. Sliding Base Extensions – Provide extra work
support. Useful when cutting long workpieces.
23. Rubber Deflector – Attaches to bottom of chute.
Deflects dust into the chute.
24. Dust Chute – Directs sawdust up and through the
elbow and to the bag.
25. Elbow – Connects the dust chute to the dust bag.
Can be rotated to direct dust.
26. Dust Bag – Has a zipper at the bottom. Bag can
be uncoupled from elbow for emptying.
27. Mechanism lock lever – Holds saw in full back
position for chop cuts or fully extended for
28. link Knob – Attaches guard link to the pivot post.
29. lower Guard link – Allows for smooth movement
of the lower guard.
30. Clamp – Use to hold the workpiece to the table
and base – insert into clamp post location
(item 39).
31. Brush Cap – Keeps motor brushes in position. Provides access for inspecting and replacing
32. Depth Stop Screw – Turn the knob end to adjust
the blade depth for cutting grooves.
33. Depth Stop plate – Plate can be swung out to
limit the depth of the blade travel.
34. pivot post – Provides support for the saw head,
dust collection system and other functional parts.
35. Axial Glide Mechanism – Allows saw to smoothly
slide in and out. Can be locked in full rear or fully
extended positions.
36. Bevel Scale and pointers – Scale is large and
angled – allows user to easily read bevel angles.
Pointer indicates what the current angle is.
37. Bevel post – Provides rotating support for all
miter saw parts above the table.
38. Bevel Detent pin (Crown Molding Setting)
When engaged, it locks the head assembly to the
bevel angle of 33.9° to the left or right.
39. Clamp post locations – Two vertical post holes in
the base – provided to insert the clamp (item 30).
40. Miter Detent plate Screws – Four screws
accessible through holes in the miter scale. These
screws are loosened when adjusting position of
the detent plate.
41. Bevel Range Selector Knob – Allows selection of
3 bevel ranges: “0-45° Left”, “0-45° Right” or “Max.
Bevel Angle to 47°.”
42. Arbor lock – Press arbor lock button to keep
blade from rotating when loosening or tightening
arbor bolt during blade removal or installation.
43. Head Assembly lock pin – Used to lock the
head assembly in the lower position for
44. Glide Movement Controller – Adjusts to regulate
movement of the glide mechanism.

Еhe full version of the instructions Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw can be downloaded here

Cut Quality.

Precision and also cut capacity are several of the most significant strong suits of the GCM12SD. One of the developments that offers itself to accuracy on this saw is the Axial-Glide System. This system was created with perfect placement, ultra-smooth cutting activity, and hyper-accuracy in mind. In addition to all that, the Axial-Glide System conserves space since it doesn’t use a traditional rail setup.
This saw can make just about any cut you want. It has a 14-inch straight capacity, and a 6-1/2- inch vertical capacity. To up the cutting capacity a lot more, the GCM12SD has two moving base extensions that provide boosted support.

Relieve of Use.

This saw is surprisingly instinctive and also easy to use for exactly how effective it is. First off, it includes Squarelock quick-release fencings for basic and accurate placement. A lot more hassle-free, these fences have a one-touch lock/unlock feature that makes positioning even much easier.
One of the more valued aspects of this saw for simplicity of use is the all-metal bevel lock lever and also array selector situated in the front of the saw. This suggests you can make bevel adjustments without needing to reach around the back of the saw. The bevel array goes from 0 to 47 levels to the left and the right, with marked detents at 0, 33.9, as well as 45 levels for both left- and right-facing cuts.
To cover everything off the GCM12SD has a clear reduced guard to so you can see the cut you will make.


The Bosch GCM12SD sports a 15 amp electric motor that provides no-load rates of 3,800 rpm. This sort of power gives quick, exact cuts easily. You can trust that Bosch built this equipment with top quality and also durability in mind, it will certainly maintain going, and going, and also going.

As constantly, you can trust the credibility Bosch has actually built throughout the years to provide quality control in addition to solid customer care if anything goes wrong. This specific saw has a 30-Day cash back guarantee in addition to a 1-Year warranty.

Consisted of in package:

– 60-Tooth Blade.
– Material Clamp.
– Blade Wrench.
– 90 Degree Dust Chute Elbow/Vacuum Adaptor.
– Dust Bag.

Total Value.

The high ratings across the board make refuting the value of this saw exceptionally challenging. It is definitely in the higher-end cost brace, but so are comparable miter saws in it’s class. The fact is, the majority of the time you get what you pay for– with this saw you may also get more than you pay for. Specifically when you consider how much darn job you can obtain done as well as how pain-free that work can be.
Our Verdict.

If you require a dependable miter saw that can manage almost anything you can possibly throw at it, but don’t intend to compromise convenience or ease of use, this saw could be for you. It would be suitable for expert specialists along with serious D.I.Y. woodworkers– as well as every person in between.

Bosch Glide Saw Conclusion.

If your seeking a miter saw and also cost is not a things, you need to get this saw. While it is pricey and also a little heavy, it deserves every penny. This is a saw that not just screams power, but it screams toughness and also top quality. The saw does come with a 60T blade, dust bag and 1 product clamp.
Listed below we placed a video together of the saw. Sorry it is a very long video clip, but there was a great deal to cover for this video. Considering that the tool is really expensive, we chose to try and also cover every little thing concerning the Bosch Glidesaw.

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