Best benchtop bandsaw

Best benchtop bandsaw: Evaluation, Score as well as detail buying guide

This is the definitive guide for discovering the best benchtop bandsaw with information evaluations of each versions. You can check out the complete acquiring guide to discover the most appropriate bandsaw model or examine our top ranked listing if you are in a hurdle.

What is a bandsaw

While choosing an ideal saw for home woodworking projects, a benchtop bandsaw is not the first choice of numerous hobbyists however in fact it is the most versatile saw for you to mess around.

Benchtop band saw is a typical band saw which has a long and sharp blade stretched in between 2 wheels (or more) to reduce hardwood in irregular form.

For instance, you can create ornamental moulding, guitar situation, or to crosscut the lumber right into pieces. Besides, with a benchtop band saw, you can also do resawing, tearing the timber to have thinner items.

Aside from woodworking, you can even cut the metal, ceramics, … with bandsaw by using an ideal blade. The benchtop bandsaw currently is built with a better design which can provide equate to other full-size saws.

Building and construction of a band saw

A bandsaw includes 4 major components: the wheels (mainly 2 wheels as well as occasionally you can locate a 3 wheels design) with a slim blade, a motor to run the wheel as well as a table top (or benchtop) to support the cutting.

Below you can see the construction of a common benchtop band saw

common benchtop band

Best Benchtop Bandsaw

A benchtop band saw is the most cost effective, mobile which is normally utilized in store area. There are 2 worths that you require to take note of that is the bandsaw size and also the intense (cut deepness) which will certainly vary depending on the versions.

The table is one more important thing. A mobile small saw will certainly have around 12 x 12 inches size, which is just enough for tiny wood item cutting. Typically, the table of the saw can leveling approximately 45 degree which serves for cross-cutting and removing the edges of a large turning block.

There are two aspects constantly occurring: the fencing for resawing and a miter gauge for cross-cutting.

A bench saw usually create vibration during cutting, but producers have actually included numerous styles to lower the resonance to the least possible, such as utilizing round bearings or obstruct bearings.

When you buy a band saw you ought to require to realize exactly how will you utilize it. For instance, if you are about to cut slices, you can choose the version with much less effective electric motor to conserve the cash or on the other hand if you are about to do resawing a lot of the time, you ought to select a model with bigger motor power.

An excellent bench top band saw frequently comes a lengthy with a good blade. There are various blades in size and also TPI (teeth per inch) which will enable you to reduce various products at extra accurate degree.

How to pick a benchtop band saw– Benchtop bandsaw acquiring suggestions

There are several variables you can look for when picking a benchtop bandsaw such as attributes, efficiency, buildings, and rate. Additionally, you need to compromise in case you need to pick the sweet pot.


There are a few aspects you require to look for such as the throat and the depth of the cut, the motor power (often the variable speed of the motor if you are a professionals), cast iron table which can be adjusted to 45 degrees, a dust enthusiast port, a fencing and miter scale. These criteria will decide mainly how huge the timber piece you can cut in what form.


When speaking about performance, you need to take care of the vibration, the level of smoothness when cutting, the blade quality, which can guarantee you to utilize the machine for long period of time without defects.


The products of making the bandsaw will certainly identify the high quality of the maker. Best benchtop band saw is commonly made with casting iron or light weight aluminum alloy which will make the saw strong as well as durable when functioning.


When involving the cost, you can find a portable bandsaw at around $80 to $1000. For the most budget-friendly, functional saw, the rate can be around $100-$ 250.

TPI of a blade

Teeth per inch (TPI) is a step of the band saw blade with show how lots of teeth your blade has. As a general rule, when you cut things right into thin, smooth pieces or resawing, you will certainly need more TPI blade and vice versa.

Just how to make use of a band saw– Important pointers and methods

Initially, you ought to inspect if the blade is placed properly in the middle of 2 wheels and check for the correct tension of the blade. Each kind of blade needs various tension so regarding work effectively. The larger the blade, the more stress is needed.

When examining the blade, bear in mind to unplug the cable as well as slowly transform one wheel to decide if the blade tension is set appropriately.

Second, you have to inspect the blade guides and also drive bearing. For this configuration, you can make use of a paper or $1 costs to place the blade a bit far from the overview bearing and drive bearing as shown in this photo. This will certainly protect against rubbing as well as overheat during cutting.

When reducing pieces with the band saw, you also need to pay attention to the safety and security issue. When cutting the timber, you should make use of both hands to hang on 2 sides of the cut line and also clear of the blade.

When you reduced a little waste item away, keep in mind to hold both hands on the major piece to stop sliding.

To disclose even more suggestions and techniques when utilizing a bandsaw, you can read this write-up

Best benchtop bandsaw– Top versions

NoBrand & modelSizeMotor (amp) Highlights.

No Brand & model Size Motor (amp) Highlights
1 SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

9 inch


beginner, hobbyist, woodworkers working on light materials
best price
2 WEN 3960 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

9 inch


“sweet-pot” with great features, durability
Best value
3 Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10” band saw

10 inch


Sturdy construction with rugged frame
less plastic
4 Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

10 inch


heavy duty portable benchtop with features similar to full-size model
Best quality
5 Powertec BS900 9 inch bandsaw

9 inch


classic and well constructed
recommended for beginners
  1. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw.

SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

Fundamental requirements of SKIL 3386-01.
– Blade Type: 1/8-Inch to 3/8-Inch x 59-1/4 Inches to 59-1/2 Inches.
– No Load SFPM: 2,800.
– Max. Cutting Capacity: 3-1/2 Inches.
– Throat Capacity: 9 Inches.
– Table Dimension: 12 x 11-3/4 Inches.
– Actual Weight: 37.9 pounds.
– Amperage: 2.5.
– Rating: 120V.
– Warranty: 1-3 years depending upon the buying conditions.


SKIL 3386-01 is one of the most cost effective benchtop bandsaw that is fantastic for tiny woodworking job at entry level, when we stabilize between the performance and the rate. This petite tiny saw has a great deal of functions that help novices to achieve excellent results. For regular straight cut, it has a rip fence as well as LED job light that will let you cut the lumber accurately. When you need to make a cross cut, there is the miter gauge which is extremely handy. Besides, among one of the most fascinating features is that you can transform the elevation and also angle of the table thanks to the shelf and also pinion changes. With this layout, you can almost cut the timber in any shape with this SKIL 3386-01.

The SKIL 3386-01 features a 6-TPI blade which can cut selections wood kinds. It can reduce points at 9 inches best so there are plenty of cutting styles that you can experiment with this small saw. Ultimately, the SKIL 3386-01 does not have a great deal of noise or resonance during cutting, that makes this chain saw of the leading ranked version for the worth and money.

Customers concurred this is among the most effective band saw for the low-end rate. It is perfect for newbie woodworkers or DIY house projects. Besides, when choosing this SKIL 3386-01 version, there is something you require to think about such as there are a great deal of components made with plastic so the total material top quality is not as high as those from Rikon or Craftsman. Besides, the occurred blade is about 6 TPI, implying you might need to change a more TPI blade in case of cutting hardwood.

Advantages and disadvantages of SKIL 3386-1.


– Top-rated benchtop band saw mobile model.

– Very budget friendly, price saving.

– Lightweight, small, easy to use, easy to tidy, work extremely well despite having complex shapes.


– Several components made with plastic which seems to be an obstacle if you are into full iron spreading models.

– The blade guides are hard to adjust.

Last idea.

SKIL 3386-01 model is the best portable band saw for enthusiasts as well as brand-new level woodworkers to carry out day-to-day reducing light materials at ideal price. Review full testimonials.

  1. WEN 3960 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw.

WEN 3960 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw.

There are several attributes that separate the WEN 3960 with a few other rivals. While it is a little 9 inches benchtop band saw, this device makes use of a little bit more powerful motor (2.8 amps vs. 2.5 amps) and it has ball bearings which are really valuable to decrease the resonance during working.

Besides, it likewise has a fast launch blade system so you can alter the blade easier. The blade consisted of in the WEN 3960 is 12 TPI type (62 in x 1/4 in) which is sharp and also great in top quality.

At the same time, WEN 3960 has several comparable features to perform ideal cutting such as a split fence and miter gauge, flexible work table, flexible blade guard, and a tension-release take care of for quick blade changes.

A lot of users agreed that WEN 3960 jobs fantastic, cuts smooth, quiet, and easy to use. It can reducing wood, plywood, HDPE smoothly as well as still be quiet throughout reducing. The 12 TPI blade is very efficient to reduce thicker items. Besides, you can alter the blade kind conveniently anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8 inches to fit with your demands.

When having problems, WEN customer support is additionally wonderful and useful to help you fix any type of possible troubles.

Fundamental specs of WEN 3960.

– Blade Kind: 62-inch blades, from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in dimension.

– No Lots SFPM: 2,460.

– Max. Reducing Ability: 3-1/2 Inches.

– Throat Capacity: 9 Inches.

– Table Dimension: 12 x 12Inches.

– Actual Weight: 39.7 lbs.

– Amperage: 2.8 Amp.

– Score: 110V.

– Blade consisted of 62 ″ x 1/4 ″– 12TPI.

– Guarantee: 2 years.

Benefits and drawbacks of Wen 3960.


– Budget-friendly rate for a fantastic benchtop band saw.

– Job terrific on varieties of timber kinds and also solidity.

– Smooth as well as quiet when running.


– The usual concern is that WEN 3960 requires you to invest more time to do adjusting before use (check for blade stress, bearing guides to be in appropriate settings). Once these tasks are done, this band saw will astonish you just how it can function.

Final idea.

WEN 3960 is a wonderful option when you think about price as well as quality as primary elements. Powerful, trustworthy and compact to match small area, this design is the front runner of several work shops as well as woodworkers.

  1. Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10″ band saw.

Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10" band saw

The Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10″ band saw uses a stiff framework included by the strong steel frame and also cast iron table which offers you the feeling of a strong and also sound maker, and also in fact, it does not have actually lots of parts made from plastic in all. The doors have double latches as well as lock closed pretty tight. It is a wonderful looking machine general as well as the paint appears to be of top quality.

On efficiency aspect, this band saw use a sturdy 3,5 amps electric motor which is rather strong to cut tough timbers and leaves smooth kerf. The device additionally works very well when resawing as well as the saw shows no vibration in any way.

What divides the Artisan 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10″ band saw from the competitions are that rugged materials, terrific dirt collection, no resonance, bigger table and reducing deepness as well as width (4-5/8 ″ maximum depth of cut at 90 levels and 9-5/8 ″ throat deepness).

It also features sphere bearing, fence and also miter scale similar to various other band saw.

The Artisan 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10″ band saw has been evaluated by a lot of woodworkers and hobbyists, and it is feasible to say this is one of one of the most miniature saws that has been examined with a long tracking document.

Benefits and drawbacks of the design.


– Strong construction with tough structure, wonderful table showing a quality device.

– Run smoothly, the wheel is well balanced.

– Less plastic parts than others.

– Wonderful dirt control.


– Similar to most of the mobile benchtop band saw, the top quality miter gauge as well as rip fence of this model is likewise just acceptable.

Last thought.

Artisan 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10″ band saw is a better choice when you are seeking for a portable device for a limited location. It has a solid building and construction, powerful motor 3.5 amps which can reduce numerous materials with different solidity. The only concern is that adding devices such as miter gauge as well as the fencing is not so ideal (in case you require a high-quality fence and also miter scale, but many individuals feel OKAY with them). It is a sturdy device for 10 inch version that you can count on.

  1. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

The Rikon 10-305 is a heavy duty portable benchtop bandsaw that is patented by Rikon, a well-known brand name of mechanical instruments. While it is a 10 inch band saw, Rikon has used the innovations of a full-size benchtop bandsaw to this 10-305 version to offer it the toughness and stamina for making use of in a long time. Even appeared on the marketplace for 7 years (from 2010) Rikon 10-305 is still a great option for those seeking the best mobile benchtop 10-inch bandsaw model.

Some variables that make Rikon 10-305 among the most effective mobile band saw is that this model uses solid steel frame and cast iron large table with plus size so you can bigger items. It includes a solid motor 1/3HP (3.5 amps electric motor) with a 10 TPI blade which can allow you cut wood with ease.

Besides, there are two interesting features that the Rikon 10-305 allow you to function specifically that is it has an excellent rip fencing (which remains in high quality) and also micro adjustable overview post with the turn of a take care of. Although these including tools are optional if you are experts, it is extremely valuable to hobbyists to working conveniently even using the equipment for brief duration.

Basic specs.

– The large actors iron table, side encountering drive bearings,.

– an effective 1/3 HP induction motor,.

– and 4-5/8 in cutting capability are all of the functions you come to expect as typical from Rikon.

– Add the optional mean the capability of a floor version.

– Specs: 1/3 HP, 3.5 amp electric motor,.

– speed 2780 ft/min, security paddle button.

– Trimming capabilities: Elevation 4-5/8 âEUR, Width 9-5/8 âEUR.

– Table is 13-3/4 ″ x 12-1/2 ″.

– Side facing propelled bearings. 70-1/2 ″.

– blade range from 1/8 ″ to 1/2 ″.

– Item Weight 76 extra pounds.

– Item Measurements 35.5 x 18 x 13 inches.

– Item version number 10-305.

– Dimension 70.5 ″ x. 1875 ″ 025 10TPI.

– Source Of Power Air Conditioning.

– Voltage 115 volts.

– Thing Package Amount 1.

– Consisted of Elements 2 ″ Tall fence.

– Batteries Included? No.

– Batteries Needed? No.

– Warranty Description 5 Year Service Warranty.

Rikon 10-305 is a mighty portable benchtop bandsaw. It has an effective cutting capability on different products and runs smoothly without noticing sound or resonance. This strong maker (76 lbs) has the most effective bearings which are not overheating like others.

Advantages and disadvantages of this model.


– The mighty benchtop bandsaw equipment with terrific building and also materials, powerful motor, fantastic bundles of devices.


– High-end device has a greater cost, but it spends for the quality.

Last thought.

When money is not your primary problem, Rikon 10-305 band saw is the ready-to-buy model that is durable, sound, functional and easy to use on lots of sorts of materials.

  1. Powertec BS900 9 inch bandsaw.

Powertec BS900 9 inch bandsaw

Powertec BS900 9 inch bandsaw is a good 9 inch band saw which is also a fantastic selection for novices. This model from Powertec is a traditional and well built for working with light materials. Appeared on the market given that 2010, Powertec BS900 is still an excellent option when you need a benchtop bandsaw which is easy to use, safe, reduced noise reduction and simple to tidy with a vac.

Basic specs of the Powertec BS900.

– Patented blade guard change for fast and simple blade adjustment.

– Table with shelf and pinion adjustment for easy tilt to 45 degrees.

– Blade tracking home window.

– Quick launch blade tension bar makes blade changing simple (patented).

– Blade size array 1/8-Inch to 3/8-Inch increased versatility for scroll cutting and also resawing.

– Induction Motor. 1/2 HP, 2.5 Amps, 1725 RPM,.

– Blade Size: 62 ″ x 1/8 ″ x 3/8 ″,.

– Aluminum Die Casting Table Size: 11-3/4 ″ x 11-3/4 ″,.

– Dust Port: 2 ″,.

– Throat Depth: 9 ″,.

– Max. Depth of Cut at 90 levels: 3-5/8 ″,.

– Max. Deepness of Cut at 45 levels: 2 ″. 50 lbs.

Powertec BS900 is a wonderful bandsaw for the cash when you understand what it is developed for. This little saw has a wonderful blade release lever which let you change the blade easier. You can attempt this design with different blades from 1/8 to 3/8 inches to cut timber pieces as well as carry out resawing with no trouble. Although it is not the best band saw for major woodworkers, it works very well for newbies.

Benefits and drawbacks of the model.


– Well constructed machine for cutting, crosscutting and also resawing.

– Affordable cost.

– Easy to transform the blade.


– It is advised for beginners.

Last idea.

Powertec BS900 is a timeless bandsaw tool that has a lengthy sale tracking record. When you are thinking about a basic bandsaw with limited space and budget which is likewise relied on for many years, after that Powertec BS900 can be an excellent option for you to start with.


The above guide helps you to comprehend much better about band saw, how to find the very best band saw for home working and also reviews of numerous best benchtop band saws that capture our interests. Those mobile, budget friendly band saws all have the similarity that is very functional and also cost conserving which will certainly be a good maker for home users. Among them, some are spending plan savers while others focus on machineâEUR ™ s quality and versatility. Finally, in case you need to find out the most effective full-size benchtop band saw (14-inch deluxe saw), you can review our thought right here.

Huge parts of a bandsaw.

 Huge parts of a bandsaw.

Huge parts of a bandsaw.


By recognizing major parts that build a bandsaw as well as how they are made, you will certainly recognize how to pick a correct bandsaw for your reducing need.


Any type of bandsaw will certainly have a frame, where various other parts come together. The frame will birth the sheaves, motor, table, blade and various other adding parts. On the market there are 2 common bandsaw frameworks: one is plastic framework and also the other is the tough steel structure.

Periodically you will see wooden framework which is primarily DIY bandsaw (can you make a bandsaw on your own? Yes, there will certainly be a treatment that we will talk about later).

Plastic structure bandsaw is so prominent because of the truth that they will save a great deal of cash. A portable bandsaw 9″ size with plastic framework will certainly be as half cost as those with rugged steel.

On the efficiency side, plastic frame bandsaw is mostly portable and less than 10″ size. At this dimension, you can cut lumber ideally at max. 9″ x 4″ giving that the electric motor is effective as well as a great blade is made use of.

While this sort of saw is more affordable, plastic framework version is not secure as steel framework model as well as it can be broken.

When you require a bigger bandsaw, after that the majority of the instance a solid steel frame is made use of since it requires much more toughness to support the components. A regular 14″ bandsaw is always made with the sturdy framework.

Rugged framework supplies much better support for the entire system, and it is heavier and extra pricey. However, whenever you require a bandsaw at 10″ size beyond, concentrate on sturdy framework only.


The bandsaw has 2 pulleys (often 3), where one wheel is affixed to an electric motor and another is complimentary that you can relocate a little bit with a bar for blade stress modification. You can discover pulleys made with aluminum, casting iron or alloy.

Alloy wheels are lighter than those made with steel. Sheaves are better made by hefty products because they will have much more rotational momentum, which benefits the blade to cut efficiently.


Bandsaw commonly uses an electric motor which has to do with 2.5 amps beyond. When buying a bandsaw, you should look for the motor power and also go higher than your demand due to the fact that it is better to have additional force in instance you need to reduce hard stuff. Besides, when you reduced points at reduced power than the device can give, it will certainly remain cool and also run smoother.

When you are mainly doing DIY jobs or cutting light woods, a 2.5-3.5 amps motor will certainly be sufficient. When you require to do resawing, making table legs, reducing tougher materials, …, then you require to select a bandsaw with greater electric motor power.


The table is positioned at the center of the bandsaw where you put on the materials and start reducing. There is a throat in the middle which will certainly determine the dimension that a bandsaw can reduce. When looking for the bandsaw specifications, do not fail to remember to search for throat worth.

The table is constantly supported on a trunion system, where the table can be pivoted up 45 degrees for cross cutting.

Hint: you can upgrade the table size with a plyboard.


There are several things that required to point out regarding the blade such as blade tooth style, TPI.

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